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Welcome to The Fairy Enchanted Garden
Let our characters take your child on an unforgetable journey.
    To a beautiful land that is filled with endless laughter and lots of smiles.
    Let us inspire what is most precious to us while we are young....our imagination.
    Your child will be bedazzled, a journey they will not forget.
Welcome to
The Fairy Enchanted Garden!

Phone number : 0415839401
    Duration of parties: 1 1/2 hours of fun and laughter.

    Your childs party will be hosted by one of our many characters..
Fairy Crystal, Fairy Sparkle, Miranda the mermaid, Nina the pirates
        wench,         Pirate Dan, Bobbo The Teddy Bear, Witch Hazel and         Skellie the skeleton
are waiting to make your childs birthday party one that they will never forget.
    On arrival, our characters will greet your child and... party guests. If costumes are needed
     by any one, we have a range of costumes available for them to wear at no extra cost.
    In our magical garden the children will hear stories that captivate and inspire.
    Tales that will bring lots of smiles and laughter.We hear about the naughty dwarfs and
    the trouble they get into.The beautiful     Princess Elonore and handsome     Prince Marcus.
    Our Queen Fairy has had a spell cast over her!! Oh no . . .    Witch Hazel !!! With the help
    of all our little friends this spell will be broken as long as we all believe in our hopes, our
    wishes and our dreams ...... important no matter how old we are!
Do you believe in fairies? Just because you cant always see them it doesnt mean they're
    not there. Once you look through our magic glasses you will believe!
    For the brave... visit     Witch Hazel and search for     Skellie the Skeletonin the haunted forest.
     Join     Nina and     Pirate Dan as they takes you through the Pirates graveyard.All stories are
Craft - We have a range of different crafts available - treasure boxes, wands, butterflies,
    wishing stars.All pre painted and ready to be sparkled up. One craft per guest.
Picnic- lunch includes fairy bread, assorted selection of party pies, sausage rolls, chicken
    nuggets, chips and lemonade/cordial/water.
Games - A wide range of games are available to play. Birthday child chooses which ones
    she/he would like to play. Two to three games played usually per party.

    Home Parties Themes available
Choose your party party theme. Our hosts,     Fairy Crystal,         Bobbo the Teddy Bear,
         Nina the pirate wench,         Pirate Dan, Witch Hazel or         Skellie the skeleton
will travel to your house and enchant and entertain your child and guests.
    They will hear stories about hopes, wishes and dreams.
Nina or     Pirate Dan tell the tale of the tr...ouble the greedy pirates get into.
    Dare to be scared as     Witch Hazel and     Skellie come out from the dark forest and visit .
    Games then will be played.
    Three to four games are played per party.
    Children receive prizes with every game played.

        Games to choose from are -
Pass the Parcel/ Pass the Treasure Bag
    Pin The Wings On The Fairy/Pin The Patch On The Pirate
    Musical Toadstools
    Who has the Fairy Wand?/Who is the Fairy Hiding?
    Walk The Plank
    plus many more

    Duration - 1 hour or 1 1/2hrs
    Price on application.

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